Life is a series of lessons, learn from it and enjoy!!


Working as a Software Development Engineering Intern at Amazon. I am also a graduate student at The University of California, Davis where I am pursuing Master of Science in Computer Science. Prior to my masters, I was working as a Software Developer for a period of 3 years at SAP Labs, Bangalore, India. I completed my undergraduation at Pune Institute Of Computer Technology (affiliated to Savitribai Phule Pune University).

My interests are in the field of Distributed Systems with a focus on Consensus Protocols and scaling distributed systems. Apart from that, I love to automate small things to speed up my tasks and make a stream lined process in order to have consistency in my work. Just out of curiosity, I also like to build small web applications, in order to stay in touch with the latest technologies.


I am proficient with
  • Strong Programming Languages: C++, Java, C, Python, JavaScript, GoLang (in that order)
  • Web Technologies: ReactJs, Redux, NodeJs, Django, Spring MVC
  • Enterprise Software: ABAP, SAP Fiori, OData, SAP HANA
  • Databases: MySQL, Postgres, DynamoDB
  • Practices: REST APIs, API Documentation, Microservices
  • Cloud Providers: AWS, Google Cloud Platform
  • Other: ElasticSearch, S3, Docker, Agile, JIRA
  • Strong Git skills
  • Strong Bash skills

Other tools I have worked on in production
  • CI/CD - Jenkins
  • Data Analysis and Reports: Python Pandas, NumPy, Matplotlib
  • Infrastructure Monitoring and Alerting - Grafana Dashboards with InfluxDB

  • A strong believer of DevOps, SRE and writing robust and easy to maintain software
  • Firm follower of Agile Scrum methodology - how teams and clients collaborate
  • I know the importance of constructive criticism and love to act on feedback received

What's next?

Well, my ultimate aim would be to start a company of my own someday that would disrupt the world and directly make an impact on peoples lives. For time being, I would like to learn and master the art of Software Development as much as I can to create some of the best software.

On a personal note

Apart from my regular CS stuff, I enjoy cooking in my spare time and love making a variety of sandwiches. I love being in and around nature, lakes especially, and hence travel from time to time to explore the world as much as I can. As a teenager I never read books much, but then 2016 converted me into an avid reader. I recommend everyone to read Sapiens. I am an adventurous person, Sky Diving is one of the thrilling adventures that I have experienced. 3 2 1 ..... JUMP!!!

Contact Me

These are my email ids. You can download my Resume from here. Link to my personal GitHub account